TRAVEL INSURANCE   ...An Absolute Necessity...

The following list of Travel Insurance companies and any comments below are given on condition that no responsibility is taken for any information advised. The companies named below have been passed onto us by clients who have said they were pleased with the service they received. Companies below are not listed in any particular order.


1 - Good To Go Insurance' Cover for Medical conditions and no age limit
phone 0330 024 9949
Good To Go Insurance     

2 - AllClear Insurance Services 'All Conditions  All Ages, All Destinations'
phone 0808 281 3602 All Clear Travel Insurance

3 - 'It's So Easy Travel Insurance' specialise in the Older age group as have ' No age restriction' and Pre-existing Medical Condition' and disabilities.
phone 0844 357 1315
Travel insurance for pre existing medical conditions, terminal illness, depression,
over 70, 75, 80, 85, 90...

4 - 'OK To Travel'  Specialist in Pre-Existing Medical condition. No age limit
 OK to Travel  phone 01223 446 920

5 - 'AgeCo' - for 65/70 years plus phone 00800 030 4880
 AgeCo Insurance

6 - 'Free Spirit Travel Insurance'. No upper age limit, specialising in Medical conditions.
Free Spirit. 0845 230 5000

COVER FOR NON EU PASSPORT HOLDERS - already in another country
7 -'Patriot Travel Insurance'. For non EU passport holders already in another country as a tourist/working/missionary etc. USA & non USA citizens.
''Patriot Travel Insurance' - For medical - IMG International Medical Group