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Mike has always had a great interest in 'all things radio', from building crystals sets, valve radios, transistor radios and other electronic gadgets. Great interest in CB when it came long. Passed the Foundation and Intermediate Amateur Licence Exams in the late nineties and he is a member of the RSGB- Radio Society of Great Britain
 My Amateur Radio Call Sign 
 2E1GZZ details at     (insert call sign)

Amateur Radio / Ham Radio, pmr446 - detail on each from G8GMU

Amateur radio is all about the skill and fascination of communicating using radio. Radio amateurs use a wide variety of radio communication equipment to communicate with each other and provide emergency communications with their communities. Radio amateurs have their own communication satellites, can talk to astronauts aboard the International Space Station, and often involved in cutting-edge experimental wireless technology. It is an incredible diverse and very popular interest with over six million people involved worldwide.
More information at  TX Factor Online TV programme =
Amateur Radio Explained

What is Amateur Radio?      BBC docu on Amateur Radio 4 mins                       
 Radio Society of Great Britain          Exeter Amateur Radio Society 

Norman Lockyer Observatory, Sidmouth, Devon.   Office of Communication for Licensing
LOCAL VHF?UHF REPEATERS, distance from base St Thomas, Exeter:
GB3EW -  2 miles Exeter City
GB3EX -  9 miles Christ's Cross, Nr Silverton. NE of Exeter
GB3DN - 35 miles, North Devon, Stibb Cross
GB3SW - 15 miles, Near Sidbury, East Devon
GB3TR + IRLP - 14 miles, Torbay, Claddon Hill
GB3WR - 57 miles, Beacon Batch Hill, Mendip Hills, Somerset
All UK Repeaters    
Echolink & How it Works PC and Amateur Radio Linking software. Over 194,000 validated users worldwide in 162 nations. Ireland Conference Server - tech details - serving up to 6,000+concurrent users. Also a portal for Allstar Radio Linking worldwide
Amateur Radio BandPlans/Frequencies - courtesy of RSGB
UK Grid Reference, Postcode -  check signal reception distance.
 Check height above sea level - check height above sea level
                                                                                                                 Collinear + VHF Dipole    
Exeter Amateur Radio Society
Riviera Amateur Radio Club, Torquay
Sidmouth Amateur Radio Club
Torbay Amateur Radio Society
WACRAL World Assoc of Christian Radio Amateurs & Listeners
Click here for recent article written by Mike Coles for WACRAL

Using Android phone ie HTC - download 'Repeater' by ZBM2 Software
Excellent programme and it's 'free!'     
 Peter Longhurst, Exeter - local Radio & Electronics Engineer                         
                       Supplier of Amateur Radio  ex PMR Equipment & Accessories

'TAIT' Radio as pictured here.  Offered complete ready go,
 for a charge of 30.00, which includes a donation to the local
Repeater Group Funds Details: Pete, G3ZVI  0771 4198 374    
Excellent mobile transceiver,
recommended by Mike 2E1GZZ.
Absolute bargain! Ready programmed to your requested 4 VHF channels. Also a 4 metre radio at 35.00
Subject to availability. Phone Pete now 0771 4198 374

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