Recordings from a live broadcast with Bob Claycamp, Aurora, Colarado USA
& at Westgate Christian Fellowship, Exeter

These audio recordings can be 'listened online',
downloaded and copied, but you may not sell.
More information or if you would like to contact Bob Claycamp:
Bob Claycamp website
 e mail

  Title date
mins listen
4 Compassion that restores Life (at Westgate 26 Sept 21) 26 Sep 2021 35 listen
3 Losing Perspective in the Midst of Suffering (song beg & end) 06 Jul 2021 40 listen
2 Lessons learned from the Soldier, the Athlete & the Farmer 13 Oct 2020 25 listen
1 'The Satisfied Life' (Isaiah chapter 55) 14 Apr 2020 37 listen





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