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   Present Free List is as follows:
1 How You can find God
2 How to stop Worrying and Start Praying
3 How to live a successful life (A survey of Proverbs)
4 What is the meaning of life (A survey of Ecclesiastes)
5 How to Overcome rejection and Find Your True Value (The story of Mephibosheth)

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no Main Title series Title, sub heading pages audio audio length read
80C BIBLE OVERVIEW (series) the book of Jonah   God said 'GO'! Jonah said 'NO'. The reluctant prophet 4 listen 14 read
79C BIBLE OVERVIEW (series)  Ephesians in brief   The Book of Ephesians is one of 4  'Prison Letters', written by Paul in prison 1 listen 5 read
78C  49 Commands of Christ   In the 4 biographies of Christ-known as the Gospels- there are 49 direct.. 10 listen 16 read
77C BIBLE OVERVIEW (series) A Brief Overview of Paul's Letters     2 listen 7 read
76C Peace   People of Peace 3 listen 8 read
75C BIBLE OVERVIEW (series) The Book of Acts   The Acts of The Holy Spirit - Summary - 4 listen 8 read
74C BIBLE OVERVIEW (series) The Book of Romans   Seven Steps to Heaven 3 listen 14 read
73C Hearing, Reading, Studying, Memorising, Meditation,  (2)   Time Alone with God - how -to guide, from Billy Graham - article 2     read
73C Closer Fellowship (part 1)   Open Secrets to help you develop close fellowship with Jesus   listen 11 read
72C BIBLE OVERVIEW (series) The Minor Prophets  - Why should we study the minor prohets? 5 Lesson 5 (The Minor Prophets) Hosea to Malachi 4 listen 12 read
71C Evangelism Strategy   A death, a birth, a birthday and a thanksgiving 11 listen 11 read
70C How can six honest serving men help you?   I KEEP six honest serving men (They taught me all I knew) 3 listen 9 read
69C BIBLE OVERVIEW (series) 4 Lesson 4 The Major Prophets (Isaiah to Daniel) 4 listen 12 read
68C What are the characteristics of a true disciple?   What do followers of Jesus, who are transforming the world, look like? 2 listen 7 read
67C BIBLE OVERVIEW (series) 3 Lesson 3 The Poetry & Wisdom Books 5 listen 21 read
66C BIBLE OVERVIEW (series) 2 Lesson 2 - 12 historical books Joshua to Esther 4 listen 24 read
65C Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World read How God Multiplied a Seed 2 lots of notes...                                         listen 10 read
64C Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World   Why Some Reproduce When Others Fail 3 listen 9 read
63C BIBLE OVERVIEW (series) 1 Lesson 1 Creation to Christ. The Bible The 5 books of Moses 5 listen 31 read
62C Curtis Sergeant-My Story   Discover the Miraculous Power of Multiplication 2 listen 10 read
61C John Wesley   John Wesley's Discipling and Church Planting Movement 3 listen 14 read
60C The Incredible Story of...   ...Ying and Grace Kai! 2 listen 7 read
59C Discipleship   Three kinds of people which one are you? 7 listen 10 read
58C The Book of Revelation   Revelation...The Enigma Code 15 listen 18 read
57C 1,2,3 John   Heavenly Music 3 listen 10 read
56C 1 & 2 Peter   Battering and buffering from without. Bugs & Beetles from within 3 listen 12 read
55C James & Jude   A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words 4 listen 13 read
54C Hebrews   Can the Bible change your life? 4 listen 11 read
53C 1 & 2 Timothy   Timothy & Titus - Passing The Torch 3 listen 16 read
52C Thessalonians   The Thief in the Night 4 listen 12 read
51C Colossians   The Secret and Mystery : The Book of Colossians 3 listen 11 read
50C Philippians   The Secret Weapon of Joy 4 listen 20 read
49C Ephesians   The Orphan Train 3 listen 10 read
48C Galations   Liberty Love & Life - The Good News in Galations 4 listen 11 read
47C ...Smith Wigglesworth   ** An incredible letter written by Smith Wigglesworth in 1939   listen 5  
46C 1 & 2 Corinthians   The Crazy City 5 listen 18 read
45C Romans   The Roman Road 5 listen 14 read
44C The Acts of the Apostles   The Acts of The Holy Spirit 8 listen 24 read
43C The Gospel of John   What's so special about the number '7'?, Explore John's Gospel 12 listen 19 read
42C The Gospel of Luke   Why is Luke like a miracle musical 3 listen 10 read
41C The Gospel of Mark   Mark's Good News 4 listen 10 read
40C Mission Report   Updated August 2021   listen 4  
39C Filled Full and Fulfilled   The Good News of Matthew 5 listen 19 read
38C The Divine Jigsaw   Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi, Prophets in the age of uncertainity 5 listen 20 read
37C Does God Sing?   Zephaniah 4 listen 16 read
36C Helpful Chapters   CHAPTERS in the BIBLE to help you see The Big Picture 2     read
35C Habakkuk   The Struggle and the Song of a Prophet 4     read
34C Micah & Nahum   Prophets for Today 3 listen 9 read
33C Joel & Amos   The Book of Restoration, Revival, and Rejuvenation 6 listen 15 read
32C Hosea - Love the Loveless   How Hosea changed my life, and how it can change yours too!
 * (Audio Link also on the pdf page)
4 listen * 10 read
31C Daniel   Daniel, the prophet, sees thousands of years into the future and
accurately predicts things to come. * (Audio Link also on the pdf page)
5 listen * 15 read
30C Ezekiel   Interesting Facts about Ezekiel 3 listen 16 read
29C Jeremiah & Lamentations     5     read
28C Insight from Isaiah   Interesting Facts about Isaiah, What Does Isaiah Say About Jesus? 5     read
27C The Song of Solomon   Chapter 4 verses 1 to 7   listen 43  
26C The Song of Songs, The greatest of messages   What is the greatest song in the world? 3     read
25C The Restorer & Builder of our Salvation   How to find Christ in the book of Nehemiah 5 listen 33 read
24C Strong in the Broken Places   The Book of Ezra 4     read
23C Discover God's Plan for Your Life   1 & 2 Chronicles 5     read
22C The Golden Secret of Success in the Christian Life   1 and 2 Kings 5     read
21C David, a type or picture of Christ   Can we find Christ in 1 and 2 Samuel? 7     read
20C The Gospel in the Book of Ruth   A lost watch and how to find it? 6     read
19C The Book of Judges   The History of Israel under 12 Judges 6     read
18BC Delighting in Deuteronomy   How to make the right choices. The Promised Land from Pisgah's top 7     read
18AC Journey with Joshua   Seven Secrets of Success 6     read
18C The Gospel in Numbers   Look and Live 6 listen 36 read
17C Life Lessons from Leviticus   The Five Offerings & Biblical Holidays 5 - - read
16C Exhilarating Exodus   From Pyramids to the promises. From slaves to special ones. 5 - - read
15C Genesis...   ...And the smartest person that ever lived 4 - - read
14C Start the New Year with: the BIBLE   THE AMAZING BOOK! Best Investment Before Leaving Earth 4 listen 26 read
13C Happy New Year   How The Bible Can Change Your Life 3 - - read
12C The Big Picture of the Bible   Can you see the face of George Washington, the first President. of the USA, in the New Testament? 2 - - read
11C The Big Picture of the Bible   Incredible Encounter 3 - - read
10C The Big Picture of the Bible   What can we do to solve the problems of the world? (notes only) 4 - - read
9C The Big Picture of the Bible   Where to find true love - listen 55 -
8C The Big Picture of the Bible   True Love part 2 - listen 18 -
7C The Big Picture of the Bible   Creation to Christ (notes only) 7 - - read
6C The Big Picture of the Bible   How can I find true love? (notes only) 2 - - read
5C Our Father   William Booth's Secret of Success (notes only) 2 - - read
4C Our Father 4 Father - Your Will Be Done 2 listen 3 read
3C Our Father 3 Discover The Father's Kingdom 2 listen 5 read
2C Our Father 2 How I Discovered God as My Heavenly Father 3 listen 5 read
1C Our Father 1 Our Father 2 listen 3 read

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