Sermons from the ministry of the late
1897 - 1963

NON SERIES - TOPICAL  - 27 - 1 sermons

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We are privileged to have stock of about 200 sermons of Dr A W Tozer and make them freely available to all those who appreciate his ministry.
As the recordings date from the early 1960's, the quality is variable,
though most are of excellent sound reproduction.
The present MP3 files have been created from the original cassettes and where possible have been 'cleaned' digitally with very little loss of quality. Where the quality is not so good we have still listed the recording as we believe the content of the message is of greater value than a perfect recording.

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Section 14 - Title - NON SERIES - TOPICAL 27 - 1 sermons



203-01 Can we be saved by accepting Christ ? 2 peter 1v10-11. Give diligence to make your calling and election sure then you will not worry about eternal security. 47 LISTEN
204-2A The gift of our Lord brought to the world. John 3v16 35 LISTEN
205-2B The gift the world have to Him. Joh 3v16. Matt 20-28. Acts 20v35 38 LISTEN
206-3A Personal Victory for a New Year. 1 Cor 16v13-14 43 LISTEN
207-3B The unchanged Christ. Luke 19v28-40 (poor quality recording) 33 LISTEN
208-4A The Triumph of the Resurrection. Acts 2v22-24, 22-39. (poor quality recording) 18 LISTEN
209-4B Five Rules for Holy Living. 1 Peter 2v17 39 LISTEN
210-5A The Communion of the Saints. John 14v8, 1 Cor 11v29 32 LISTEN
211-5B The Apostolic fellowship. Acts 2v41-47 29 LISTEN
212-6A The Secret of Victory. Psalm 57v4-11   NA
213-6B Soldiers of Christ Arise 2 Timothy 2v3   NA
214-7A In Everything by Prayer. Phil 4v6 37 LISTEN
215-7B The unity that brings revival Psalm 133v1-3 33 LISTEN
216-8A Creatures out of the fire. Ezekial 1v1-14 37 LISTEN
217-8B Risen with Christ. Col 3v1-13 28 LISTEN
218-09 From the hand of Esau. Gen 32v1-11, 33,1-4. 28 LISTEN
219-10A Where is the Lord God of Elijah ? 1 Kings 2v1-2,4,6,8-15. 39 LISTEN
220-10B Discouragement - its cause and cure. 40 LISTEN
221-11A Breaking up fallow ground. Hosea 10v12 42 LISTEN
222-11B Why do you stand gazing ? Psalms 121v1. John 4v35. Acts 1v10-11,
1 Cor 11v26-28. 1 Kings 19v19-21
223-12A The Call of a Prophet 39 LISTEN
224-12B The ministry of the night. Psalm 74v16. The night belongs to God as well as the day. 29 LISTEN
225-13A The voice of the Spirit. John 16v7-11. Rev 2v7. 22-17 41 LISTEN
226-13B The man who thought he kept the law. Mark 17v22 43 LISTEN
227-14A Choices, deeds and consequences. Haggai 1v5. Deut 30v19. 44 LISTEN
228-14B What do you think of Christ ? Matt 22v24 35 LISTEN
229-15 Beware of the religious word game. 1 Thess 1v4-7. 2 Cor 5v17.
Rev 3v1-2.8


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