Sermons from the ministry of the late
1897 - 1963

MEN WHO MET GOD - 7 sermons

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We are privileged to have stock of about 200 sermons of Dr A W Tozer and make them freely available to all those who appreciate his ministry.
As the recordings date from the early 1960's, the quality is variable,
though most are of excellent sound reproduction.
The present MP3 files have been created from the original cassettes and where possible have been 'cleaned' digitally with very little loss of quality. Where the quality is not so good we have still listed the recording as we believe the content of the message is of greater value than a perfect recording.

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Section 1 - Title - MEN WHO MET GOD



48-01 ABRAHAM Genesis 15, 17 v 1-5. 40 listen
49-02 JACOB had an encounter with God. Genesis 28, 43 listen
50-03 MOSES Moses and the burning bush. He met God in a crisis of encounter 50 listen
51-04 MOSES on the mount. Exodus 19 v 9-25. 29 listen
52-05 ELIJAH The Lord lives before whom I stand. 1 Kings 17 48 listen
53-06 ELIJAH The fire on the altar. Ahab & Jezebel, what has Baal of the world to offer. 48 listen
55-07 EZEKIEL You must meet God - that's Religion. You must meet God.-that's the imperative of Religion. You can meet God.
The Christian message - How to meet God. The Gospel.
42 listen

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